This lovely hallway table was my first painting project. I still remember the excitement of seeing it at the shop and thinking that’s the one! It holds some sentimental value. I had to change something about this petite table as it didn’t start of as being petite.

The console/table originally had a shelve at the bottom that made the table steardy (I found out that after I removed the shelve – it wasn’t just for an extra strorage (dah!) it played an important role – to hold the table together). Well, the shelve had to go as I much prefered the table without the shelve.

After that the console has gone through some more changes – first I painted it in everyones loved shabby chic style but that didn’t last very long as I wanted a pure white finish.


The small drawer at the front got a new brass finish handle.


The beautiful table lamp was painted using Annie Sloan Chalk paint – I mixed black and white to achieve this lovely grey.



The table is in a prime location in our house – by the front door (it deserves the best spot!) I think it fits very well and it looks amazing.


Meet one of my favourite furniture I have ever come across! I love this gorgeous sideboard. Usually the vintage sideboards are a little bit over the top (at least for my liking) – it is a big piece of furniture and I would prefer to keep it simple. This is exactly what I loved about this amazing sideboard – large but very simple.


From old, brown and dated to modern and white.








The white sideboard makes a gorgeous centerpiece.


So this glass cabinet was one of my first purchases. My other half noticed this big and dark display cabinet sitting in a corner of the shop we were in and suggested that maybe it would be a nice project idea for me.

I removed the back of the cabinet. That required some ”man power” so my other half was here to help me. We had to take out a lot, and I do mean A LOT of little tiny pins that were holding the back onto the cabinet frame. We had to be really careful as the cabinet was old, so we didn’t want to damage the soft wood by removing tons of tiny pins! When the back was taken off, I removed the original fabric that was at the back of the backwall. It needed a change but that had to wait.

I have noticed that some parts of the cabinet especially all the way around the glass were not even – some wood was litterally crumbling into pieces! So food filler came in handy here. A little bit time consuming. Attention to detail. And a few hours later the cabinet was ready for the transformation!


The cabinet was sanded, cleaned, primed and painted in white. I have used Annie Sloan clear wax to seal the paint. I was after a glam look for this vintage cabinet so I have choosen a black and white stripe wallapaper for the back of the cabinet. I think it looks amazing. It adds elegance, glam but still looking simple and not over the top.


When the cabinet was ready to go there was something still missing. So I head an idea of removing the door! Yes, after all the sanding, priming, painting and glass cleaning – the door had to go. And that was it! The cabinet looked finished and was ready to be used. I love how it turned out – modern and glam yet simple display cabinet for all the lovely things!